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A partition wall may be defined as a wall or division made up of bricks, studding, glass or other such material and provided for the purpose of dividing one room or portion of a room from another.

Generally, partition walls are designed as non-load bearing walls. It may be of folding, collapsible or fixed type.

Types of Partition walls:
Depending upon the material used, partition walls may be divided into the following types:
1. Brick partitions
2. Hollow brick partitions of clay, terra-cotta or concrete
3. Glass partitions
4. Concrete partitions – plain or reinforced
5. Metal lath and plaster partitions
6. A.C. sheet or G.I. sheet partitions
7. Timber partitions

Brick Partitions:
They may be construction with plain bricks. Reinforced bricks, bricks nogged or hollow bricks.

Glass Partitions:
These may be made from sheet glass or hollow glass blocks. In case of sheet glass partitions, sheets of glass are fixed in the frame work of wooden or metal numbers dividing entire are in a number of panels.

Timber Partitions:
This type of partition consists of a wooden framework either supported on the floor below or by side walls. With the introduction of new building materials, use of timber partitions is getting gradually reduced these days.

Metal Lath and Plaster Partitions:
Metal lath and plaster when properly laid forms a reinforced partition wall, which is thin, strong durable and is considerably fire-resistant.

A.C. Sheet or G.I. Sheet Partitions:
Partition walls constructed from asbestos cement sheeting or galvanized sheet fixed to wooden or steel members are mostly adopted in works of temporary character.

Concrete Partitions:
Plain or reinforced partition walls constructed in concrete, plain or blocks precast wall in advance of the commencement of work.

Movable Partitions:
Movable partitions are used where the walls of a room are frequently opened to form one large floor area. In this system, there are three types of partitions:

1. Sliding: Sliding partitions consists of series of panels that slide in tracks fixed to the floor and ceiling. The machine if the partition is similar to those of sliding doors.
2. Sliding & folding: Sliding and folding partitions operate in a similar manner to sliding folding doors. They are normally used for smaller spans.
3. Screens: Screens are usually constructed of a metal or timber frame. It is fixed with plywood and chipboard inside. The screen supported with legs for free standing and easy movement.

Movable Partition:

Concrete Partition:

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