Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Now a days Egotism is a moral positive word for human life. Godism provides guidelines for physical and spiritual wellness, success and harmony, and makes a daring speech about poverty and wealth. GOODIES: Releasing the Power to Live is a timely guide to abundant and cheerful living. Life is a complex weave of beliefs, issues of morality, commentary on modern life, and holiness Godism leads as a guide to living.

Egoism is a philosophy of boundless love and abundant living and encourages you to believe in yourself, and causes you to know that you are the center of the universe and your vital force flows from the Universal Mind, and there is power within you which comes from the Universal Mind. God also seems to be a highly charged word for Atheists.  To them it seems to be the same to Religion. They often point to God as an imaginary friend and then refer to faith in fairies and Santa Claus. God establishes the moral absolute standard and man chooses to accept it or decline it.

God must be further than the universe and outside of time, just as we must be beyond the line in order to "take it in all at once. Even if this is so, it is a noteworthy fact that the idea of an all-seeing God has had important, salutary effects in Western thought. For one thing, divine knowledge is one way of describing the impartiality towards which morally sensitive people strive without being able fully to attain it. By trying to see social and moral relations a bit more as an all-seeing God might see them, we are encouraged to treat those outside our immediate circle of acquaintances more fairly and to take into better account the long-term penalty of our individual and collective actions.

The supreme being that is omnipotent and omniscient. Since he is omnipotent, he has the power to create a stone so big that he himself cannot lift, and all together he must be able to lift it. And since he is omniscient, he has the authority to know everything, even what you will do tomorrow, thus, you have no freedom.

Goodish is a self differing idea.