Sunday, May 26, 2013

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Social networks are becoming ingrained in our daily lives, and while they have made us more “connected” in the online world, they are also negatively impacting the way that we socialize in our personal lives. We create hundreds of online relationships, but the question is how many of these are meaningful? There is a difference between a "connection" and a truly bonded relationship. It is time to re-shape the "social tools" of our online world so that they make us more sociable; our online presence should aid us in forming purposeful bonds and relationships in the real world, rather than acting as an excuse for remaining solo.

People can learn a lot through games. Pilots can learn to fly, soldiers can learn to fight, Pac-men and Pac-women can learn to eat fruit. Now, there’s a game that can teach you how to flirt! All while you're having fun! There are books out there. There are movies you can learn from. But nowhere to go to practice and get better at flirting and being social. Even Tiger Woods takes practice swings. How are you supposed to hone your skills before you take them out into the real world?! That's where Flirt Planet comes in!

Flirt Planet re-defines social by introducing a new game genre: The Social Dating Game. It is truly a "Social Game" as opposed to a mere "Social Network Game". Our mission is to re-introduce the importance of social interactions into our daily on- and offline lives. Flirt Planet fully gamifies social, flirting and dating experiences. You will have the tools to go out and form bonds in real life. Not only fun and interactive, Flirt Planet actually teaches valuable skills that can then be applied in real world situations.

The Ultimate Game that Transforms Your Social Life

Flirt Planet is a free-to-play, light-hearted and fun “Social Dating Game” that is all about personal relationships. As a player you represent yourself by your very own Avatar, build and maintain relationships with other player-created Avatars and Artificial Intelligence computer-controlled characters. These interactions can take place in multiple forms, both via text and also through digitally animated body language. Flirt Planet focuses on teaching you valuable social skills in the context of a videogame, with the intention that you can then apply these skills in the formation of real-life relationships. In Flirt Planet, you interact with others who you find attractive, and learn how to better flirt and date within our environment, with absolutely zero pressure and zero risks. In addition, you can introduce compatible friends, and take online crushes on virtual dates, and practice dating and flirting skills in these scenarios. These skills can then act as your foundations for building meaningful relationships in the real world.


You assume the role of one of a trio of Aliens from another world who have come to Earth to harness and harvest the most sought-after force in the universe: …the powerful, positive Energy that is generated by a Living Organism’s Volatile Emotions (aka “L.O.V.E.”).

You are then cast into the role of an outsider to Human culture who must learn to effectively engage, socialize, and interact with Humans in a manner that forms meaningful bonds, since it is your goal to harvest as much of this valuable, positive Energy as possible. Flirt Planet interactively depicts the comical transformation of one of three “little green men” into a human male or female. The rest of the game will show you insights into the human condition in an entertaining manner.

Make a Social Impact

Flirt Planet is more than just a videogame: it is a community created for those of you who want to make a difference in the world while simultaneously improving your dating and flirting skills. In Flirt Planet, you can contribute to solving real world problems. You can donate directly to important causes and foundations, recommend causes to other players, and publicly support those causes that are most important to you.

Single Player, or not. Your Choice. We allow you to play Flirt Planet on your own timetable. Whenever you want to have fun; via the single player questing, the online virtual dates with NPCs, the celebrity charity auctions or the speed dating game.

Become Prestigious

Gain Prestige Status by having the rarest collectible items and the coolest looking Avatar. You can even play with Special and Epic Avatars! Be creative and show off your achievements to others in the Dating Area. We have a lot of “swag” to chose from!

Go Socialize and Flirt!

The "Players in Your Neighborhood" feature connects you with new people or existing friends and advances those into your "Entourage" and ultimately into your "Inner Circle". The Flirt Space news feed will update you about your Entourage's activities. You can collaborate with others, only if you wish to, by gifting collectable items to one another. If you're over 18 years old and wish to use our dating service, we will provide you with highly compatible matches, you can set filters to screen users and, of course, communicate with others using Flirt Mail.

Meet our super-adorable intelligent aliens who disarm the entire planet, cure every disease and take us all for rides across the galaxy... kind of.Customize your highly distinctive 3D Avatar.Interact with animated body language and realistic facial expressions.Engage with over 70,000 lines of original dialogue.Become more sociable and apply the skills you learn to your real life. Go offline and get out more!Express your creativity with thousands of appealing clothing, accessories and furniture items.Meet and flirt with real people in the Dating Area.Make a social impact in the lives of others by donating to selected causes via the Celebrity Charity Auction.

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